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Common questions

If eligible and safe to do so, your delivery will be left at your address if you're not home. Some items may require specific handling based on sender restrictions or the nature of the item, and on these occasions, will be taken to a Service Hub near you.

If you weren't at the address at the time of the delivery, that's okay. Most items will be left in a safe place at the delivery address or taken to a nearby Service Hub for you to collect at your convenience within 7 business days.

In the meantime, hold tight! We will update this page with any changes to the status of your parcel or instructions for next steps.

While we take pride in delivering on time, unforeseen events such as floods, fires and traffic incidents can cause delays. In these situations, you can find more information at the top of the shipping details overview.

Go to MyTeamGE and enter your shipping/consignment/item number in the “Track your shipment” field.

If you have not heard anything within 3 business days of the expected delivery date, please contact us using our webform here.

You can track your delivery at MyTeamGE and enter your shipping/consignment/item number in the “Track your shipment” field. If you are not already receiving notifications, you can set up a "watch" in MyTeamGE.  

I have an overseas tracking number
If you have a tracking number from an overseas postal service, please use their website to track your shipment. If an overseas postal carrier uses Team Global Express to complete the local delivery, please use our shipping/consignment number that should have been provided to you via email.

Tracking updates can vary depending on the delivery stage and selected service. It's common for some stages to have fewer updates. If you haven't received any scan events, contact your sender.

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For more information, please visit our Help & Support page.