Alibaba Digital Expo

This past Saturday, Team Global Express Chief Consumer Officer, Taeressa Fawthrop, and Chief Transformation Officer, Mario Philippou took the stage at the Alibaba Digital Expo in Sydney, Australia. Their engaging discussion on addressing freight needs both locally and globally resonated strongly with attendees.  

Hosted by Alibaba, the expo provided a valuable platform for International and Australian businesses to explore growth opportunities. It's renowned for connecting businesses with cutting-edge technologies and solutions, making it a key event for Australian eCommerce businesses seeking global expansion. 

Team Global Express's presence at the expo reaffirmed the company's dedication to providing seamless international shipping and logistics solutions. By embracing innovative approaches and fostering strategic partnerships, Team Global Express remains committed to equipping businesses, both local and international, with a competitive edge in the dynamic global market landscape. 

Additionally, don't miss the exclusive video interview featuring Taeressa Fawthrop, Mario Philippou, and Pier Smulders, General Manager of Alibaba ANZ, where they delve into crucial insights on international growth opportunities for Australian retailers. Pier offers invaluable perspectives on what Australian businesses can learn from the Chinese market to enhance their international expansion strategies. 

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